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About this Blog

10,000 Turnips is my place to discuss video games: any genre, year, or quality of title is up for discussion, review, or general blathering on about. I don't write about industry news or current events here. I probably don't write about games you care about. Old SNES titles and poorly planned death sequences will make frequent appearances. There is no single type of game featured here. When not busy shipping corn to buy barn-fuls of sheep, I'm blowing the heads off Super Mutants just to watch them squirt. I play them all, whether they're ripe with potential or bruised with disappointment.

I will never claim that all of the titles I love have hit the Sistine ceiling of games--there are quite a few turnips in the mix. But sometimes picking through the turnips is just as much fun as playing the classic masterpieces.

Actually, it's more fun.

*Cactuar and I held a photo shoot together. Unfortunately, he could not contain his inborn murderous rage long enough to spare my life, and spent most of the shoot dancing on my still-warm corpse.