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Mysterious Akoha Game Funded

Montreal-based startup Akoha publicly announced today they have received $1.9 million in funding from angel investors. That big wad of generosity will help Akoha complete development on their online / offline community game.

Although details on the game are absolutely minimal, the game will assumedly follow in the very serene and huggable vein present on their website, which highly advocates people playing together and connecting deeply online. Investors who must also believe that “playing with others is so much more fun than playing by yourself” include Zerofootprint.net founder Ron Dembo, E-Line Ventures managing partner Alan Gershenfield, and president of BAM Strategy Chris Emergui. They have the cash, the support, and the right idea–now, if the game turns out as clever and fun as their employees’ titles (Executive Instigator, Frontend Pirate, Taskrobat) we’ll be in luck.

With so few details on the actual game to scrounge up until public release, I’m left to merely ponder the growing trend of clever MMO games decorating their sites in wooden plank motifs. If you’re board–or just need to get away from this terrible pun—sign up for the Akoha beta.