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The Battle of the Zzzzs

Napping during the day


Sleeping at night

It’s a trap!

Naps are up against a lot of childhood conditioning: when you’re little, a nap interrupting playtime or used as punishment for rowdiness is the worst thing ever. Sleep is so much more boring than Barbies or kicking your brother. And by ‘real’ bedtime, you’re so exhausted from making up lost kick-time that you can’t be peeved about nighttime sleep.

Screw conditioning. Vampires have it right. Napping during the day is totally baller. What’s the best part about a sick day? Being home while everyone else has to go to work or school. The same is true for being awake at night–while everyone else on your side of the globe snores through prime time, you’re free to do as you please, totally undisturbed. If you please to do those things to their unconscious bodies, I won’t tell. Then recover with a few naps during the day, while they’re commuting through traffic and burning holes in their retinas.

Naps, for the win.